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Protect your business and your brand with Pestech’s Commercial Pest Control Services. See the solutions we have for your industry.

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Residential Pest Control

Live pest-free with our guaranteed Residential Pest Control Services. We’ll help you protect your home and everyone in it by removing pest problems, and preventing future ones.

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Pestech University Resources

Not sure if you need pest control? Our Pestech University resources will help you learn more about common pests and identify the signs of a bigger pest problem.

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Pestech Videos

Pestech 2014 Residential Healthy Home Program

Jeff in the Pestech Talk Center discusses how even the smallest of pest problems can reveal much more serious issues that could potentially harm you or your home.

Pestech 2014 Culinary Care Program

Jeff in the Pestech Talk Center discussed the consequences to your business when you're not Pestech Protected.

Bed Bugs...They Can Happen to You!

You think it can never happen to you, but it can. Bed bugs can be picked up anywhere -- restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, public transportation...even at the office. And, once they're in your home, they're not easily destroyed.

Pestech - Pest Control Solutions

Find out how you can be Pestech Protected! Pestech is a family owned company since 1989. We specialize in Integrated Pest Management techniques to provide you with professional-grade pest solutions for your home or business.

About Pestech Pest Control Solutions

Pestech® is committed to bringing your home or business the most reliable pest solutions in the industry today.

As a family owned and operated regional pest control company for more than 25 years, we want to work with you, on your schedule, to solve your pest problems. This is what has helped to make Pestech a leader in insect control and pest management in the Hudson Valley, Central New York and the Tri-State area of NY, NJ, and PA.

Why Pestech?

  • 100% service satisfaction guarantee - We guarantee you’ll get the results you want or we’ll give you all your money back.
  • Certified professionals - Our Pestechnologist technicians are industry certified with expert knowledge of their field.
  • Professionalism is paramount - As memebers of the National Pest Management Association, our goal is to raise the standards of the pest control industry.

Our Mission Statement:

"To preserve healthy living and improve human life."